About Us

At WellTech our mission is to provide effective, efficient chemical solutions for oil and gas operators in the Asia Pacific region. That means we work closely with our customers to ensure we delivers solutions which are the best possible fit for the individual challenges faced in their unique operating environments.

Our Story

Well Engineering & Technology Sdn. Bhd. (WellTech) was established in August 2000 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to provide innovative chemical solutions to operating and service companies in the upstream international O&G Industry. If a subsurface problem can be chemically solved, we have the latest, best answers.

WellTech’s office is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. WellTech also has a laboratory in Kuala Lumpur to provide technical support to the solutions we provide.  We have a warehouse in Singapore for regional distribution.  WellTech has a network of agents which include Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Egypt, and Nigeria.

WellTech’s goal is to identify effective leading-edge technologies and apply them for the benefit of our clients.

WellTech’s business development strategy is to build an exclusive group of products and services from Principal companies in the upstream and downstream sectors where compatibilities and synergies exist, and thereby be able to offer operating companies innovative solutions and technology.

It may sound a cliché but we focus on solving problems, not selling products.  The operator always comes first.  The reason these phrases are used so much is that they work.  They are our guiding principles.

Our chemical solutions are typically innovative and the latest, most successful products.  We consider ourselves the leading company for chelating agents for example for both stimulation and scale dissolving.  We are the only company to market an effective Pipe Release Agent (PRA) for differential stuck pipe in SBM/OBM’s.  Our Water Shut Off (WSO) products possess multiple patents.

Another area we care about is the environment.  Green not just for nature, but for the people in the industry.  CEFAS is the UK government’s Centre for Environment, Fisheries, and Aquaculture Science.  Many of our products are, or have been, registered with CEFAS and are Gold Banded, the highest environmental rating they award.   We in the O&G business need to act on our convictions.  It used to be to use a “green” product required a compromise in effectiveness or a higher price.  It is not the case today.  We have green products that are commercially competitive with existing technology and are more effective.

Our focus is on rectifying damage and/or improving new and older wells, pipelines, tank farms, refineries, and the geothermal industry.

Areas where we believe we have significant technical and/or cost advantages are:

Stimulation – HCL is 100+ yrs old technology with a documented 32% failure rate.  HDC Mk II is an advanced mixture of chelating agents, catalysts, and reaction accelerators that dissolves CaCO3, barite, and other sulphate compounds.  It is environmentally benign and safe to handle.  Average increases in production with one major operator in Malaysia has been over 600%.  It simply performs better than acid. We have several SPE papers written by operators about successful stimulation jobs.

Despite over 100 yrs of usage and development, acids are still unreliable, flawed, and toxic products.  Our advanced chelants are more effective and more reliable.

Pressured Annuli, leaking packers and casingLiquid Bridge Plug is an epoxy resin that is immiscible in both oil and water.  It can be weighted up with barite.  As a result we can deploy the product by gravity drop from the surface to rest upon the problem leakage, or pump it to the problem area.  Liquid Bridge Plug can be both accelerated and retarded.  It has 200 times the tensile strength, 4 times the compressive strength and 4 times the bonding strength of cement.  Plus it is thinner and does not shrink as it sets up.  It solves a wide variety of problems that cement cannot.  A significant part of our work is rectifying failed cement jobs.

Descaling – including ESP’s and other surface and subsurface targets.  We have several descaling products including advanced chelants.  They are effective for a variety of scales, are non-corrosive, temperature tolerant, and safe to handle.  Pyrosol ES is a very effective Iron Sulphide scale dissolver, typically a difficult scale to dissolve.  For example, when operators encounter scaled up or overloaded ESP’s they are simply told to replace them, a very expensive procedure.  We have found by simply analysing and defining the plugging compounds, we can dissolve the problem compounds in situ with just a mixing tank and pump, a quick, effective, and cost-effective operation. Our lab work determines the products required.

Our Strategy

Wax Dissolving PMI-107, OrangeWorks and PowerPickle are excellent wax and asphaltene dissolvers.  OrangeWorks

Wax, Scale, and Corrosion Inhibition in Wells and PipelinesPMI-107 is in a class of one, a multi-functional product for inhibiting scale, wax, and corrosion. It does this in three ways.  Firstly, by coating the metal surfaces preventing scale, wax, and corrosion from building up in the first place.  Secondly, it is amphiphilic so interferes with wax precipitation and scale precipitation in both phases.  PMI-107 also keeps the phases, water and oil, separate acting as a DRA, PPD, and promoting easy separation.  A variant called PMI-107FA also includes a very unique and effective H2S scavenger.  We have a variety of other scale inhibitors to choose from.

Water or Gas Shut-off – with our Liquid Bridge Plug and Poly Plug, shut off treatments are a core business.   Both of these systems have multiple patents.

Differential Sticking in an SBM/OBMWhen stuck in an SBM/OBM there is little to no effective technique to free the pipe.  HDC Mk II dissolves the filtercake, i.e., the barite in the filtercake along with any CaCO3, and also dehydrates and shrinks any clays that may be in it.  We have SPE papers to support the success and many documented successful jobs in the past.  It also works in WBM.

Another product for differential sticking is PentaFlow.  It works by pinholing the filtercake allowing the equalization of pressure.  It also works in both SBM/OBM and WBM fluids.

Both of these products have been used not simply because they are effective by also because they are oil-free, thus eliminating any possible environmental risks.

Bold products are or have been Gold Banded by CEFAS.

Cement Spacer that stops lossesUltra Spacer performs as a spacer cleaning the casing and filtercake while also preventing losses to the formation thus ensuring a successful cement job.  Surprisingly, it is unique in this application.

ICS Drilling Fluids System (formerly known as the Aphron System) – The Invasion Control System (ICS) is a unique, effective system used to prevent loss circulation and avoid differentially stuck pipe.  It is stuck proof AND stops all losses. We cannot emphasize the uniqueness of this system enough.  It is water based containing KCL.  It is completely solids free (unless barite added).  The fluid loss is controlled by highly emulsified air bubbles. This allows the fluid to establish a tight seal across formations regardless of the overbalance in the annulus, allowing drillers to penetrate multiple pressure zones simultaneously without incurring fluid losses, stuck pipe, kicks or poor hole cleaning.  We have gone as high as 9.0 ppg overbalance in a previously problematic well without any issues with losses or differential sticking.

PNA – Plug and Abandon wells.  Liquid Bridge Plug or Ultra Set are both stronger than cement and are good to use to set plugs with plugging and abandoning wells.

Sealing leaking wellheads – We have both types of wellhead sealants, temperature activated and differential pressure activated, Well Bond and Well Bond II, which enables us to seal both leaking wellheads and hanger voids.

Besides all the above, we have other areas of activity such as scale dissolving, dissolving SRB’s which can inhibit production, treating damaged injection wells.  Another area is very effective well bore clean-up chemicals, a core product line.

Old wells present significant opportunities given the relatively low costs of bringing back production.

Specific opportunities exists in areas such as:

  1. Stimulation
  2. Scale Dissolving
  3. Wax Dissolving
  4. Leaking packers, casing, and tubing
  5. Squeeze jobs
  6. Pressured Annuli
  7. Leaking wellheads

Many of these jobs are simply bullhead jobs saving the time and expense of a rig or CT unit.

Our Principals and Partners

We work closely in partnership with our principals to offer innovative, effective chemicals that are globally recognised as industry leading solutions.

Our Partnerships

WellTech works closely with our Principal partners to provide business development services for operations throughout Southeast Asia. Our international industry experience is complemented by extensive local knowledge, providing the perfect route to effective operations within regional markets.

We ensure support through every stage of this development process, including the introduction of products and services to oil and gas operators in the region, identification of potential client operators and leads, operational assessment of clients, right through to infrastructure requirements, laboratory services and service representation within the region.

OCA Solutions Ltd provides unique, effective solutions to the problems of stimulation and descaling, widely utilised throughout the region. OCA products are sourced in the UK, offering environmentally benign alternatives to existing oilfield technologies. The majority of their products are based on ‘chelant’ technology, am emerging chemical approach which delivers effective, environmentally friendly solutions for the O&G industry.

M&D logo

M&D Industries are a widely recognised and respected provider of oil and gas production chemicals, based in the USA. Their portfolio of well-known products include names such as Ultra Seal, Poly Plug, Liquid Bridge Plug, Pro Blend, and Ultra Spacer. M&D products are manufactured at a secure 100,000 square feet warehouse and manufacturing facility. All products are lab tested following a strict QA/QC protocol, with each bag, pail or tote stamped with a QA/QC number. Samples of each batch are then retained for two years.

Rexos produces the unique orange-based wax and asphaltenes dissolver, OrangeWorks, which also doubles as an effective cleaner for sludge tanks while promoting oil and water separation. It is also used as a general maintenance degreaser, replacing suspected carcinogenic products such as toluene and xylene.

SAS Production Services specializes in advanced surfactants sometimes augmented by chelants.  They have the ability to offer a full service package. Including providing unique microemulsion chemistry, the ability to improve production flow from between 100% – 600%, the chance to stimulate production from existing older wells, and remediation of oil based filter cake in new wells. SAS Production Services has decades of knowledge and experience and unbeatable products and services to go with it.