Plasmatron™ – Waste Energy Recovery System (WERS™)

The Plasmatron™ – WERS™ System, it works on a plasma state, hydrogen splitting technology, not on burning.  The Plasmatron™ is not an incinerator.  Incinerators themselves are a source of environmental concern with both emissions and residues.   The Plasmatron™ is 100% emissions free.  It requires no separation of waste.  And unlike incinerators, it can handle elevated moisture content of the waste.

It consist of 3 stages, a grinder, the Plasmatron™, and then the 3rd stage can either be a generator to produce electricity or an FRU to produce diesel and/or aviation fuel.  The units themselves can be tailored in processing size to requirements.

Benefits of Plasmatron™ – WERS™

  • Portability/Size
  • Variable Sizes
  • Significantly Lower Cost
  • No requirement for external source of Power
  • Full Automation
  • Carbon-Free Electricity (WTE)
  • Zero-Emission/Carbon-Free
  • No Pre- sorting of any waste streams
  • Will process all plastics, tyres, organics, building waste, etc
  • Small Footprint
  • Low Temp

Product Data Sheet (PDS)