Liquid Bridge Plug Part A

Liquid Bridge Plug (Part A) is a resin sealant which provides an impermeable seal for micro leaks of gas. It has a low viscosity, allowing easy mixing and deployment, without suffering from volumetric shrinkage commonly found in thinned epoxy resins. A range of hardeners and accelerators have been designed to be used in conjunction which allows Liquid Bridge Plug to set over a wide scope of applications.

Benefits of Liquid Bridge Plug (Part A)

  • High compressive strength, four times that of cement slurries
  • Non-soluble in oil or water
  • Exothermic
  • Extreme shear bond strength of over 13.79 MPa
  • Formulations for temperatures ranging from 55.4 F – 300.2 F

Product Data Sheet (PDS)

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)