Oil and Gas Production Chemicals at WellTech

At WellTech we supply a wide range of chemicals for oil and gas operators throughout the Southeast Asian region. We stock a unique range of solvents that deliver efficient, effective solutions to meet the exacting standards of the O&G industry.

With our extensive oil and gas industry experience, and rigorous diligence and testing process at our own laboratory, we focus on delivering environmentally friendly chemicals that tailor superior solutions for the unique operational environments of oil and gas wells.

Our Principals and Partners

We work closely in partnership with our principals to offer innovative, effective chemicals that are globally recognised as industry leading solutions.

OCA Solutions Ltd provides unique, effective solutions to the problems of stimulation and descaling, widely utilised throughout the region. OCA products are sourced in the UK, offering environmentally benign alternatives to existing oilfield technologies. The majority of their products are based on ‘chelant’ technology, am emerging chemical approach which delivers effective, environmentally friendly solutions for the O&G industry.

M&D logo

M&D Industries are a widely recognised and respected provider of oil and gas production chemicals, based in the USA. Their portfolio of well-known products include names such as Ultra Seal, Poly Plug, Liquid Bridge Plug, Pro Blend, and Ultra Spacer. M&D products are manufactured at a secure 100,000 square feet warehouse and manufacturing facility. All products are lab tested following a strict QA/QC protocol, with each bag, pail or tote stamped with a QA/QC number. Samples of each batch are then retained for two years.

Rexos produces the unique orange-based wax and asphaltenes dissolver, OrangeWorks, which also doubles as an effective cleaner for sludge tanks while promoting oil and water separation. It is also used as a general maintenance degreaser, replacing suspected carcinogenic products such as toluene and xylene.

Brenitech is an innovative chemical developer responsible for the highly-effective wax and corrosion inhibitor PSI. This superior product was developed in the demanding environment of the Canadian tar sands. PSI further helps promote the rapid separation of the oil and water phases.

Alongside the innovative chemical solutions provided by our Principals, WellTech develop and distribute our own propriety oil and gas solutions, including PowerPickle and PowerSurf, both used in casing cleanup operations. We also produce mercury decontamination chemical EnviroMerc, and preflush stimulation and descaler Pentaflow, all rigorously tested at our WellTech Engineering laboratory.