About Us

At WellTech our mission is to provide effective, efficient chemical solutions for oil and gas operators in the Asia Pacific region. That means we work closely with our customers to ensure we delivers solutions which are the best possible fit for the individual challenges faced in their unique operating environments.

Our Story

Well Engineering & Technology, or WellTech, is a production chemicals and services provider based in Malaysia. We were founded in 2000, responding to the growing need for cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to help boost productivity in upstream operations in the oil and gas industry within the Asia Pacific.

With our offices established in Kuala Lumpur, we went on to expand operations to include a state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure the highest quality assurance and effective oversight in all chemical solutions which we supply for our clients.

Our Strategy

WellTech combines extensive oil and gas experience with detailed industry oversight, identifying the latest O&G technologies and services in our dynamic global marketplace, then delivering those innovative solutions to operators within the Asia Pacific region.

We store and ship our extensive range of chemical solvents for oil and gas from our products warehouse based in Singapore, providing the perfect logistical hub for effective regional distribution for our clients. We also work side-by-side with internationally recognised Principals, offering business development and marketing support alongside effective chemical solutions, supporting the journey towards establishing suitable contracts and operations within the region.

Our Partnerships

WellTech works closely with our Principal partners to provide business development services for operations throughout Southeast Asia. Our international industry experience is complemented by extensive local knowledge, providing the perfect route to effective operations within regional markets.

We ensure support through every stage of this development process, including the introduction of products and services to oil and gas operators in the region, identification of potential client operators and leads, operational assessment of clients, right through to infrastructure requirements, laboratory services and service representation within the region.